Ari & Simon classes R2 2021


Ari & Simon classes R2 2021


Ari and Simon are back in Copenhagen, and they will teach our weekly Balboa classes. The number of spots may be limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, so hurry up and sign up below!

Ari and Simon will teach two levels: Level 2 and Level 3. Unfortunately, that means Level 1 (beginners) will not get to enjoy Ari’s and Simon’s teaching this time, but hopefully they will be back in the future.

Level Descriptions:

Level 2:  You have solid basics and can easily dance up to 200 bpm. You know multiple variations of the shuffle, toss/throw-out, outout-inin, swivels, crab-walk, ... + you know some styling. If you have taken classes with us before this would match level 2.

Level 3:  You have a clear predictable harmonic pulse and can easily dance up to 222 bpm or above. You know many variations, incl. some advanced versions of the shuffle, toss/throw-out, swivels, crab-walk and stylings. If you have taken classes with us before this would match level 3.

If you are unsure due to the Covid-19 pause, or you're new, either take the lower level for an easier time or contact us at dans(&)balboaland,dk for an assessment for guiding you to the level where you will both fit in with the others and learn the most.

Class Schedule:

Seven weeks of classes on every Tuesday starting August 17th.
Level 2: 18:10 - 19:25 (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Level 3: 19:35 - 20:50 (1 hour and 15 minutes)
Limited social/practice dance: 21:00 - 21:55

Class Location:
Underground room
Kulturhuset Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge 18
2300 København

Class Price:

You will need to be a member of Ministry of Balboa for fall 2021, and that will cost you 50,-
The price per level for this round will be 550,- and must be paid in full before you can join the classes.
So, the total price will for most people be 600,-. However, if you are unemployed, a student, or a pensioner, you get a 100,- discount

Covid Restrictions will apply so we are not too many people.

How to register:
Fill out the form below. We will need your email and names. If you have a partner please write their email in the corresponding partner field, else leave it empty.

For the levels, click on the corresponding box and select in the dropdown menu the dance role you want to dance as. N/A means you are not registering for this level.
* indicates required
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