2020 R3 Class @ Ministry of Balboa

Round 3 2020 Tuesdays
6th October – 8th December – 10 classes

Read more about the levels below and sign up in the form below.

Experienced. (Level 2 and 3)
This level is for a combined level both for dancers who have taken Balboa classes for some time and know the basic steps and moves as well as for the more experienced dancers who master the basic techniques. (normally our level 2 and 3).
You need the teachers approval to go from level 1 to this class.
This round the material will be suited for a wide range of experiences.

Classes will follow the Covid-19 guidelines and will be with fixed partners. We encourage you to sign up with a partner however we will balance leaders and follows for those who sign up individually. Only 7 couples will be accepted.


Entrance opens 18:00
Experienced level 18:15 - 19:30
Pack up and leave before19:45

7 couples - we only have space for _7_ couples.

We can currently not have social dancing due to the Covid-19 guidelines.


Lara Mohoric will teach for the first 3 times with both Dominik & Mathilde. After those 3 times Dominik & Mathilde will continue.

Important: If you sign up with a partner both of you need to sign up i.e. it's not enough for one person only to sign up. Furthermore it will create a lot of additional administrative work which we would like to avoid. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

New Location: Helga Salen, Lyrskovsgade 4, 1.sal, 1674 København V

Price for our members are:
Ten classes for 700 kr. (600 kr. for students, unemployed and senior citizens).

(You will need to be a member to participate in our classes. IF you are not already a member, then you simply register below that you want to become a member. The membership cost an additional +100,- for a full year, and +50,- if you register in the last half of the year.).

PAYMENT: When you receive an e-mail which confirms your enrollment, you are officially enrolled and can arrange for payment. You can only participate in the class if you have paid the full amount. If you haven't paid in a reasonable time frame after receiving the email asking for payment we reserve the right to withdraw your enrollment and accept someone else.

Sign up in the form below.

See you on the dance floor.

/Ministry of Balboa

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